Hospital Economics


Hospital Economics is a lean and focused full-service company into the health sector focusing on Hospital Administration and Management.

We provide services to Hospitals which help them run the system efficiently, at the same time cut the costs and improve the bottom lines. Our strength lies in extensive data analysis which inturn leads to efficient decision making providing a far superior advantage to the Hospitals.

Domain Expertise:

Achieving this is impossible without a continuing relationship with a client’s business. We have therefore focused ourselves only on the Health domain in which we have acquired a considerable amount of command.

Our sister concern Mediinfotec is into Hospital Management systems since 1994. Mediinfotec is also associated with one more concern AIOCD Pharmasofftech AWACS which is into the Market Research segment of the Pharmaceutical Industry. We also run our own hospital which gives an added advantage. Whether it is Market Research or Hospital Management Systems or running a hospital, all in all we have confined ourselves to the Health sector.

Current Scope of Work:

As of now we have confined ourselves to handling the inventories and purchases of the Hospital efficiently, thereby adding value to the bottom line.

Purchases are the integral part of any business. Better management in purchases directly adds to the company’s bottom line. We in Hospital Economics help the hospitals achieving the same.

Major Purchases of a Hospital includes Medicines, Surgical Instruments, Laboratory Chemicals and kits. Same goods are available through different manufacturers at different price ranges. It becomes a daunting task for any Hospital to go through all the possible options and to select the best possible option among the existent. This becomes a non-proficient area for any Hospital team but not for us.

We want the Hospitals to focus on their primary business of treating patients and we shall take care of these decisions and provide the best quality at the best prices. The difference in the price difference and the advantage to the Hospital can be seen from the first day after a hospital initiates business with us.